The most modern

medical pedicure

centre in Slovenia

Why choose the AN.NIKA?

At An.nika Medical Pedicure Centre we regularly undergo further training, mostly abroad, for preventing ingrown nails, fungal infections, calluses and corns, and treating diabetic foot.

Well-trained podiatrists know how to thoroughly examine the feet. We know the effects of medicines and diseases on foot health, therefore, we will also ask you about your general health when you come see us for the first time.

  • 100% pain-free

    Our ingrown nail treatment is completely painless.

  • Suitable for children

    Suitable for children from 1 year of age.

  • Solidarity with the homeless

    Foot care for the homeless.

  • Recommended by doctors

    Type of treatment recommended by numerous doctors and surgeons around the world.

  • Suitable for diabetics

    Our treatment method is suitable for diabetics.

Our services

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenail or onychocryptosis is a very common issue that often occurs in men, most often adolescents. There are several factors involved …



Diabetic Foot

After being diagnosed, diabetics often experience changes in their legs and feet. High blood sugar, atherosclerosis, and nerve damage cause …



Fungal Infection

Fungal foot infection (mycosis) is an irritating and highly contagious skin disease, however, it is possible to fight it off quickly with early treatment…



Vida Ozis

Vida Ozis specialises in medical pedicure—more specifically, treatment of ingrown nails. She is one of the first and most successful podiatrists in Slovenia, who, using the VHO-Osthold brace, effectively solves every case of ingrown nails, even the challenging ones. This required years of valuable experience, professional education, and training both at home and abroad.

She continues to extend her knowledge with the experts in the field of podology at podology clinics abroad.

As an extremely successful podiatrist, she also received training abroad for teaching fellow pedicurists how to treat ingrown nails using the VHO-Osthold brace.

VHO-Osthold brace therapist

VHO-Osthold Brace

Among the many different toenail braces on the market, the VHO-Osthold brace is one of the LEADING in Europe and is recommended by both University Hospital Erlangen and physicians.

The VHO-Osthold brace is suitable for everyone, even for people with severe cases of hypergranulation and diabetics.

But most importantly, with the VHO-Osthold brace method, the pain will go away immediately after the brace is attached—or, in severe cases, in a few days. You can go to work, as there is no need for sick leave and you can also be phisically active.


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