Vida Ozis Aleksandra Matijaž
Podiatrist, VHO-Osthold method therapist,
VHO-Osthold brace representative in Slovenia
and Bosnia and Herzegovina,
logotherapy graduate (after Viktor Frankl)
Podiatrist, manicurist, VHO-Osthold method therapist
Areas of expertise:
Medical pedicure
Ingrown nail treatment
Wart removal
Fungal infection treatment
Medical pedicure for diabetic foot
VHO-Osthold brace attachment
• Certificate for teaching fellow podiatrists who also provide medical pedicure services
• Wart freezing
• Reflexology foot massage
• Logotherapy (a psychotherapeutic method that focuses on the meaning of human existence
and on an individual’s searchfor that meaning) for establishing successful communication.
• Classic pedicure
• Medical pedicure
• Treatment of calluses and corns
• Fungal infection treatment
• Wart removal by freezing or applying silver nitrate
• Manicure and application of permanent nail polish
• Leg waxing
• Reflexology (foot massage)

At An.nika Medical Pedicure Centre, we believe in knowledge. Continuous education, as well as renewal and upgrading of our knowledge are the key to providing professional services—every day and for everyone who visits our centre. We upgrade our knowledge and skills at MECO TRADE in Germany and NARDO SIMONE podology centre in Italy.

Vida Ozis and Nardo Simone.

As representatives for the VHO-Osthold brace in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we train therapists for the VHO-Osthold treatment method. The aim is to have a maximum of 5 podiatrists (for each of the two countries) qualified for the VHO-Osthold treatment and support them in meeting professional standards and achieving success with the VHO-Osthold brace in their individual work.