Foot care for aesthetic and health reasons is called classic or cosmetic pedicure.

This type of pedicure represents a relaxing ritual for the customer, as it includes:

  • a bath,
  • a massage
  • a scrub,
  • nail cutting and shaping,
  • excessive skin removal,
  • and nail polish application per customer’s request.

Seeing a podiatrist regularly is a great foundation for prevention of possible medical problems with feet.

A podiatrist must have sufficient knowledge to perform pedicures successfully.

There are classic and medical pedicures.

Feet are an extremely important part of the human body, as they perform an irreplaceable function. They carry the weight of our body in an upright position, as well as allow us to move and walk. However, only healthy feet can undertake such complex tasks.

In order to maintain healthy feet, it is necessary to start taking care of them at a young age. Regular preventive appointments at a podiatrist are a good investment for the older age when various problems or changes in walking and the feet can occur.

Before starting a pedicure, the podiatrist must be familiar with the medical history of the patient’s feet and must know about any medication that the patient is taking. Based on that information, the therapist then decides what type of pedicure to perform. A podiatrist must have an excellent knowledge on feet and the changes that may occur—especially in the older age. They must have sufficient knowledge to be able to perform the correct technique and procedure.


It is a type of pedicure that requires more caution and a correct approach. First, the podiatrist cuts the nails and removes any skin on toenails, as well as any excess skin (with an electric nail drill) on the feet and toes. This is done on the parts of the foot where hard skin is visible.
When we think of a classic pedicure, we associate it with smaller issues that do not cause any pain. Feet should be well cared for and nurtured, as this makes it easier to prevent any issues that could arise due to ignorance or negligence.


It is a very demanding procedure on feet and toes.

A thorough anamnesis of the foot must be determined before the pedicure. Medical pedicure helps eliminate or alleviate foot pain and toenail pain, as it includes removal of hard skin, corns, and warts, as well as treatment of fungal infections and ingrown nails.

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