Medical Pedicure

At An.nika Medical Pedicure Centre we regularly undergo further training, mostly abroad, for preventing ingrown nails, fungal infections, calluses and corns, and treating diabetic foot. Well-trained podiatrists know how to thoroughly examine the feet. We know the effects of medicines and diseases on foot health, therefore, we will also ask you about your general health when you come see us for the first time.


Classic pedicure focuses on foot care. It includes removal of hard skin, cutting and shaping of toenails, and a massage. It nurtures your feet and keeps them healthy. Medical pedicure is a step further from that, as it requires additional professional knowledge.


Medical pedicure also includes a consultation which best reflects that we keep our knowledge up-to-date and are familiar with the latest approaches, treatments, and experiences. We give you advice on choosing the right products for foot care (creams, sprays, ointments, foot care tips, etc.).


At An.nika Medical Pedicure Centre we treat:








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Wart Removal







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