Diabetic Foot

After being diagnosed, diabetics often experience changes in their legs and feet. High blood sugar, atherosclerosis, and nerve damage cause a diabetic person to lose their sense of pain. They might not feel their shoes being too tight and they continue to wear them, or they might not feel moisture, sweat, or foreign objects in their shoes. Therefore, they are not able to act in time (for instance, buy new, appropriate shoes) and some of the their foot muscles may lose full functionality, resulting in the rest of the foot being overstrained.


Diabetic foot is a very serious complication in diabetes patients. It requires special (foot) care.

Diabetic foot care and treatment must be performed by a qualified person—a professional podiatrist who always uses sterile instruments and appropriate creams in their work.

Before seeing your podiatrist, it is advisable to ask them whether they are also specialised in working with diabetics. If they are not, they can do more harm than good.

Vida Ozis

with the Certificate for Diabetic Foot Care, received under the guidance of Assist. Prof. Vilma Urbančič-Rovan, MD.

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