Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenail or onychocryptosis is a very common issue that often occurs in men, most often adolescents.

There are several factors involved in the occurrence of an ingrown nail, most notably incorrect nail cutting and inadequate footwear. There are several other factors as well, such as heredity, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, or injuries.

An ingrown nail can cause sharp pain limited to one part on the side of the nail, as well as redness, swelling, a discharge, and an enlarged lateral toenail fold.

How to treat an ingrown nail and why surgery is not the best option

Most often, persons with ingrown nails seek medical attention and their physicians usually refer them for surgery. The downsides of surgery are a long-lasting pain and recurrent problems with the affected toenail after the first procedure.


Our ingrown nail treatment method, unlike surgery, is very fast, completely painless, and, most importantly, long-lasting and effective, as we use the VHO-Osthold brace.



About the VHO-Osthold treatment of ingrown nails


The VHO-Osthold brace is a thin steel wire that allows an ingrown nail to flatten and begin to grow properly. The function of the VHO-Osthold brace would most easily be compared to that of dental braces (the wire). Both dental braces and the toenail brace perform the function of straightening.


The VHO-Osthold brace is attached to the right and left edge of the ingrown nail to lift it and flatten it in a completely PAINLESS, FAST and, most importantly, EFFECTIVE way.


Among the many different toenail braces on the market, the VHO-Osthold brace is one of the LEADING in Europe and is recommended by both University Hospital Erlangen and physicians. The VHO-Osthold brace is suitable for everyone, even for people with severe cases of hypergranulation and diabetics. But most importantly, with the VHO-Osthold brace method, the pain will go away immediately after the brace is attached—or, in severe cases, in a few days. You can go to work, which means there is no need for sick leave, and you can also partake in sporting activities.


The system consists of the brace with two mini levers (a and b) and a loop (c). Both elements are made of thin high-quality steel wire.


The first lever is fitted to the less damaged (or non-damaged) side of the nail, fixed in place, and cut off to the appropriate length. The therapist is able to carefully tighten the brace using the loop in the middle, without causing any pain to the patient.


The brace is then fitted and twisted by turning the winding tool. The three parts of the VHO brace are now connected. The resulting leverage force lifts the edges of the nail away from the inflamed area so that the pressure and the pain are immediately relieved.


All protruding pieces of the wire are then cut off and covered with some artificial nail mass (to keep the socks whole, etc.).

Why choose the VHO-Osthold brace?

The VHO treatment is not a one-off solution, but rather a complete treatment that includes:

  • The attachment of the leading medical brace in Europe, carried out by a qualified and professionally trained therapist;
  • Monthly visits and tightening of the brace under by a professional therapist (non-professionals cannot perform this type of treatment!).

What you gain with this service?

  • Complete pain relief after the brace is attached;
  • Normal nail growth;
  • Aesthetic appearance of the toenail, as there is no sign of a past ingrown nail (compared to surgery) after the treatment is finished;
  • Expertise and knowledge of a therapist with over 100 different cases of successfully treated ingrown nails;
  • Your life will become a walk in the park.

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